I started a blog.  Why not?  Although I have very little time at home (besides quick Facebook checks from my phone) to spend on the internet, my workday normally consists of very little required activity, and the internet is pretty much all I have to take up my 6 hour workday. 

 I work at the front desk of a hotel in my small hometown.  I can’t define the place in my own words, but I’ve heard many others easily define it as such terms as, “Thrifty”, “Quaint”, “Just like Home”, and “What Kind of Place Are You Running Here?!”.  It’s loved.  It’s hated.  It’s never “in the middle”.  I like it here.

Back to blogging….I have never really found a strong desire to blog.  Even at the moment, after spending 15 minutes of precious time setting this up, time I could have used for smoking or eating, I still question what provoked me to join wordpress, why I chose wordpress over all others, and I am trying to figure out who to bet money with on how long it takes me to push this “project” to the back burner, where 90% of my fantastic ideas go to die.   So if you’re reading this now, thank you for your support.  If you’re reading my next posting, thank you for somehow inspiring me to make it that far.